Vice Principal Wu Fengqin has been the Director of the International Department of Beijing National Day School (BNDS) since it was established in 2005.  Bringing her experience as both a teacher and administrator, Ms. Wu is committed to “building a national school with an international and global vision.”

Along with the vision set forth by BNDS Principal Li Xigui, the International Department has provided an integral educational program for Chinese students who desire to pursue university studies outside of mainland China.  During her tenure, Ms. Wu has been fundamental in establishing the Cambridge A-Level curriculum (2009), the AP Dual Diploma (2010) and International Baccalaureate (2013) curricula programs in the International Department.

With 23 years’ experience in Administration in Chinese public schools, Ms. Wu understands the needs of students growing up in the Chinese education system.  When she was chosen to be the director for the newly established International Department, Ms. Wu experienced “on-the-job” training in international educational perspectives, the nuances of colloquial expressions used by some of the international teachers and the visions and expectations of her newly hired staff.

Ms. Wu is recipient of several awards in Beijing. She received the Advanced Individual in the Management of Foreign Students; the Excellent Award in Secondary School Education Management in Haidian District; and she is the first winner of BNDS Meritorious Award, to name a few

Ms. Wu’s leadership has been pivotal in providing direction and vision to the ongoing growth of the International Department, as well as developing the talent and skill of its teaching staff.  Combining crucial foundational aspects of the Chinese education system with the breadth of teaching philosophy found within the diversity of the international staff, Ms. Wu has brought together the best of East and West.