How many years of experience do I need to teach at BNDS?

According to Chinese laws, you need to have 2 full years of teaching at the level and subject you will be teaching at BNDS.

How long is the contact at BNDS?

The first contact lasts 2 years after that school and teacher can negotiate what is best for both parties.

What is the starting salary at BNDS?

It depends on the teacher’s experience and level of education. Salary is paid once a month for 12 months. We offer a very competitive package of benefits.

What are the housing arrangements at BNDS?

Teachers receive free housing on campus or off campus. Teachers also receive housing allowance should they not want to live where school provides housing.

What is the cost of living in Beijing?

Beijing is a very affordable city. BNDS is conveniently located next to subway station and shopping areas.

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