• To create a quality education suitable for students’ comprehensive development.
  • To make the name “National Day School” a trustworthy and distinguished brand.
  • To build our school into a respected and distinguished institution whose teachers and students alike have noble personalities and talents.
Our strategic goals
  • First-class quality education
  • Outstanding teaching faculty
  • Equitable treatment of all BNDS staff and students
  • A harmonious school environment: a home for spiritual nourishment and a haven of growth for staff and students
Educational goals
  • BNDS is committed to helping students make career and life plans, to develop ambitious goals, and to inspire them to become contributing members of our global society.
  • BNDS strives to instill a sense of integrity and trustworthiness in each student.
  • BNDS endeavors to cultivate self-discipline and organization in each student.
  • BNDS encourages students to become independent thinkers.
  • BNDS acknowledges students for overall achievements, including their talents, leadership skills, benevolence, and academic performance.
School Culture and Values

BNDS was established in 1952. After 60 years of development, BNDS embodies the high ideals of Chinese educational philosophies and has earned an increasingly distinguished reputation. In 2009, BNDS transitioned to a competitive national public high school. In 2010, BNDS received authorization from the government to become a Beijing Comprehensive Education Reform Experimental School. BNDS continues to excel in providing a quality educational experience and now is one of the “Model High Schools” in Beijing.

Based on the practices and experiences of the past 20 years of rapid development, BNDS advocates the following values:

  • Be innovative, be daring and be pioneering.
  • Strive to create quality education suitable for the development of students and to meet the
    interests of society.
  • Encourage students to develop a deeper understanding of their culture and to cultivate a sense
    of pride for the People’s Republic of China.
  • Build a school of open-mindedness through integrating the talents of home and abroad,
    bringing together the combined accomplishments of educators in order to achieve the best for
    the People’s Republic of China.
  • Pursue excellence, avoid vulgarity and reject mediocrity.
  • Demonstrate a combination of quality education and excellent matriculation of exam
  • Integrate the practices of work and research.
  • Acknowledge that the future of our school depends on each of us to be observant of our
    surrounding environment in order to make it better.
  • Faculty should be of high esteem, with a good command of professional knowledge, multiple intelligences, and strong research potential.
  • The administrators are to be fair, diligent, humble, and honest.
  • Curriculum reform will bring forward improvements to our school.
  • Teachers should act as facilitators for student education.
  • Persons of integrity, accomplishment, diverse experiences and talents.
  • BNDS should be a place of inward growth, a showcase for talent and a source of community.
  • Representatives of the Faculty Union have inviolable democratic rights at their meetings: the faculty representatives will vote for a Principal’s consecutive service.
  • Innovation is prompted by self-awareness, so it is vital to continue with development strategies.
  • The school should care for teachers’ wellbeing so that the faculty can be committed to their work.
  • Distinguished leaders are the greatest assets of a school.
  • Build an internationalized school: cultivate Chinese soul, global perspective and a multicultural understanding within our students.
  • Be diligent, loyal and committed to educational pursuits.