The first A-Level KTV night started at 6:30 pm within the BNDS cinema. Students from Turtle Dragon House and Phoenix House attended on December 15th. A-Level students from Dragon House and Qi Lin House participated in the event on December 22nd.

Mr. Denton kicked off the event with a glorious song and a glorious voice. We were surprised to find that Mr. Denton is not only a music lover (who regularly plays music in class) but a truly talented and wonderful singer. The KTV night had begun!

At first, A-Level students were a little bit shy and prudent.  Almost too shy to be bold enough to order songs. But after some brave performances, the atmosphere came alive! Momentum picked-up as students began to order more songs one after another: piling up more than 30 songs on the playlist! There were a wide variety of amazing student performances including:  Chinese classics, European and American pop music, Hip-hop, and Musicals. Many of my classmates had ordered songs, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were vast amounts of charming singers hidden around all us.  A-Level students also formed groups that included two or three people. They cooperated to sing many wonderful songs, bringing us a lot of harmony to the whole event!  A great number of songs had been performed! We all had such fun!

One student said that he really enjoyed the atmosphere. When he was singing, other students paused and cheered for him, building up his confidence.  The results were unanimous; every A-Level student present, stated their desire for another KTV night.  Sounds good to me!

Writer:Cynthia Meng

Editor:Nicholas Carroll

Event planner:Douglas Shane Denton