In the afternoon of December 22, 2021, the Winter Concert of BNDS International Department was held in the Theater. Ms. Siew, music teacher of the International Department, led the choir Forte with three different pieces of music. As Ms. Siew handed out candies during the show, the audience occasionally burst into laughter in the beautiful music. Let’s enjoy the beautiful pictures and memories from the warm event. 

The spotlight above the stage shone on my face, and the light was so bright that I was close to tears. My eyes looked across the students’ ecstatic smiling faces that were caused by amazement. It is as though I“slipped into a worm-hole in the fabric of time and space, traveling into the past and then back again to the present in the same instant.” 

I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to perform here, thanks to the members who have worked with me over the past year, and to myself for not giving up. 

I suddenly realized that this performance means more than just showing our beautiful voice. It carries the effort we’ve spent in the past few months. Those pieces of training brought us together as a whole, and together we formed Forte.