Winter is definitely the season that makes us feel sleepy and inactive most frequently. However, the A Level students and teachers planned a wonderful Winter Olympics event.  A welcomed refresh and relaxation in the form of friendly competition, November 30th to December 6th. Students of each house were encouraged to form teams freely to join: badminton and basketball events, night orienteering, and brain-storming games such as Countdown and Jeopardy. Each  A Level house flag was designed and handed out to students.  An inclusive environment wherein by they could attach their house flag on their locker; showcasing A Level within the entire international department at BNDS.  Furthermore, these flags were celebratory symbols to cheer on their peers in competition.


A total of three teams of two students for each A Level House: boys double, girls double and mixed double.  Qi Lin House was the winner for all three badminton teams.  Well done Qi Lin House!


Each team of houses comprised of 7 players. Turtle Dragon House was the winner of the basketball competition.  Well done Turtle Dragon House.

Basketball – Qi Lin vs. Dragon
Turtle Dragon vs. Phoenix
Turtle Dragon vs. Dragon

-Night Orienteering For this activity, students were allowed to form a team of 2 people from their A Level House. They needed to find 8 punchers scattered around the campus, and 4 punchers were combined to games that were required to play together in front of the Heads of Houses. All teams were ranked based on the number of punchers they had found and their time was recorded. On completion, each team enjoyed delicious cakes and hot ginger soup.  Turtle Dragon House was the winner of the night orienteering.  Well done Turtle Dragon House!



A game of words and letters. Students choose several vowels and consonants and together attempt to come up with the word consisting of the largest number of letters. Qi Lin was the winner of Countdown.  Well Done Qi Lin House!


The questions in Jeopardy involved: recognizing A-Level teachers’ photos taken when they were children, solving math problems, answering questions about BNDS, CAIE exam command words, and telling the name of songs through listening to an episode. Dragon House was the winner of Jeopardy.  Well done Dragon House!


Lots of students gave positive feedbacks: “I haven’t played sports so intensively for a long period, but this activity allowed me to do what I love and enjoy it.” “Snacks and drinks are great!” “I felt the sense of belonging when I earned points for my house and saw my housemates being excited.” A Level House System aims to provide an atmosphere full of energy and allows students from different grades to communicate and help each other. Next year, A Level Summer Olympics will commence.  There will be many more interesting activities waiting for you to: unlock, achieve, enjoy!