BNDS-DI 2016-2021

In 2020, BNDS DI club is fully developed. Supervised by Mr. Douglas, managed by junior and senior managers, in this competition season, two BNDS DI teams— team C “Cislunar” and team D “Mr. Tracker” succeeded in DI China (got the first prize) and are well-prepared to attend DI Global Finals.

However, early in the 2020, COVID-19 spread all over the world. Schools are closed, and all competitions were ceased. Luckily, DI Global Finals turned into virtual performance and welcomes teams from all places to join in the show. While they are stuck at home, DI team members group together online through Zoom and prepare for their showcase.

2020 is a tough year, it is also difficult for DI students. Teams dealt with many problems during this time period: Whether to attend the Global showcase? (because no matter how well team members performed, they cannot receive a prize) How to manage trainings while team members are all at home and are reluctant? BNDS DIer’s original love for DI and helps from former team managers as well as Mr. Douglas helped resolve these difficulties.

In 2020 DI Global showcase, instead of doing traditional Instant Challenge and Central Challenge, team members have to gather online through Zoom meetings to complete their challenges. Although IC is no longer about building a structure and CC from team D is no longer an improvisation, teams still read those prompts carefully, dividing works to each individual, team members work at home to build props and brainstorm scripts.

In June, 2020, the school opened again and teams finally have the opportunity to gather together and start in person trainings and prepare for the online showcase. Finally, both team C and team D tried their best to finish the DI 2020 Global Showcase and received applause from teams from their other side of the world. For 2020 BNDS DI team members, COVID-19 is both a disaster and a gift. While it prevented teams from going to the US and join in the real DI Global Finals, it also trained team member’s willpower. In DI Beijing and DI China competition, teams work hard in order to earn a higher prize, but at the end of the day, teams work together for their love for DI and their friendship.

2021 BNDS DI team members genuinely appreciate the support from BNDS International Department, parents, Mr. Douglas and team managers. Without their help, we cannot achieve success. In the following several years, DI competition will continue to be virtual, and our experience helps the following teams to achieve high.

authored by:兰芳菲 Eva