On November 11, 2021, the sixth French Culture Day “Pearl on the Seine River” was held in the Aspiration Building by Grade 10 of the BNDS International Department. The event takes the Seine river as a clue and brings teachers and students to Paris in the 18th century through drama performances and interactive experience kiosks. Through a journey of French history, language, literature, food, and other pearls of their culture enshrined by the French people, one could not help but be inspired by their distinctive spirits of passion, romance, love, and liberty.

The event began with a warm-up video of 8 minutes in Paris. Following it was the opening speech given by AP French teacher Mr. Maxime Hermand.

For the next part–the show The Spark was on. It displayed a story that happened in France before the French Revolution, and the performance reconstructed the historical scene. The last part in the theatre was a song from French Opera Les Miserable: Do you hear the people sing. The bright and penetrating sound absolutely excited the audience.

After the show, teachers and students moved to the Hall of Ties for more culture day interactive activities. The audience enjoy the trip to a series of kiosks surrounded by romantic and wonderful clouds and roses everywhere at the hall.

Students first came to Bai’s Fleuristes—A French flower shop. There were various kinds of flowers, like white roses and tulips. People were attracted to here to pick a favorite flower and send it to the person they care about and love.

French Snack was also a popular kiosk. People tasted many traditional French snacks there: Puff brought us to the kingdom of sweetness, while macaron could help us find the feeling of love.

The kiosk of French lessons and literature Q&A was an amazing place to learn about French culture. Language study breaks the barrier between French and us, encouraging us to comprehend the shiny culture of France.