The 6th TeachMeet is organized by Professional Development Department and Institute of Education Sciences for teachers from both National and International Department to share good practice, practical innovations and personal insights in teaching.

On Wednesday 27 October 2021, the 6th BNDS TeachMeet was hosted in the MUN room from 16:30-17:30.

Two speakers shared their own practices and techniques, especially how their little ideas had made a big difference in classrooms.

Mr. Samuel Wong, Head of IB Science, shared his experience using Flipped classes in Physics course. His presentation provided inspiration for questions including “What are flipped classes?” “Why flipped classes?” “When do to flipped classes” and “How to run a flipped class”.

Mr. Samuel Wong

Mr. Stephen Doherty,Head of IB Mathematics, presented a new teaching tools for improving analysis. In his presentation, he demonstrated 2 uses of Microsoft Excel that enable teachers to analyze student data, and create insightful information(results sheets as well as intervention plan) for both staff and students.

Mr. Stephen Doherty

The 6th BNDS TeachMeet created a warm and welcoming environment with snacks, drinks and lots of opportunity for laughter. Participants had a round-table discussion after the presentations to share their ideas and future action plans with the team.