Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is increasingly important for all people in the modern, challenging world. SEL involves children learning self-awareness and self-management skills, as well as how to use these skills. This is important because our students work hard to achieve academic success but this may have a lot of stress and pressure. Too much pressure can be difficult to manage, and this may cause children to feel overwhelmed. This can lead to poor mental health like anxiety, stress and depression. Through SEL, students can be taught the specific life-long skills to help manage these challenges. This will increase children’s resilience, positive attitude, and academic success, as well as many other outcomes.

The function of SEL lecture

This year in grade 10 A-level we are starting a new SEL curriculum to help teach students the specific Social and Emotional skills to help them learn to cope with the pressures of life. Over the next two months Dr. Moss and Zhang Qing will be teaching the grade 10 students on the techniques for stress management, thinking positively and identifying their own strengths. We hope to use scientifically proven methods to increase our children’s’ happiness and success and we hope the parents will in this educational journey!

This week students learned about the science behind SEL, why we are learning these methods and then they practiced using breathing techniques to increase focus and decrease stress. By the end of the class the students were much more calm, relaxed, and ready to learn!