Guo Jinghe / Translation: Ellie Liu

The opening ceremony of CAS in the IB Program, international department

In autumn and September, with a wave of fresh blood injected into BNDS. IB Program held the annual opening ceremony of CAS.

CAS, representing “creativity, activity, service”, is a unique component comprised in the IB system. IB students in the students’ union is divided into four “colleges” – red, blue, yellow, and purple. During the year, CAS will organize various activities such as game night, night orienteering, talent show and sports day in turn, and students will compete for points in these activities. CAS activities not only give students a chance to get relieved from their busy work, but also provide a platform for communication among IB students in different grades.


At the opening ceremony on September 8, Mr. Akash Bendran, Mr. Austin Parker and Mr. Carrol Varner, respectively as the leading teachers in each college, introduced the CAS system to the students. Then, under the guidance of the teacher, the G10 students carried out the ice breaking game ninja, and the ceremony is filled with vitality and enthusiasm.

The most exciting part of the opening ceremony is the “branching” part of G10 students – the teachers of the four colleges will select one of G10 students’ name in turn and announce the colleges they belonged to. As the names were called out one by one, shy faces stood in front of the stage, and a magical sense of belonging and collective honor arose spontaneously. The students from G11 and G12 welcomed the new members in the most enthusiastic way and made each of them feel welcomed and accepted by the IB family with loud cheers and applause.

CAS Inaguration

After the sorting ceremony, a competition among colleges in the new academic year began – each college needs to wrap its members in toilet paper into “mummies” to welcome them. In this fun little game, IB students in different grades actively cooperate with each other, and the G10 students are surrounded by students of higher grades. Finally, the Blue Society completed the largest number of “mummies”.

At the end of the opening ceremony, each college will invite four teachers to their college. Each college will organize activities with these teachers in the next year, and teachers and students were closely connected by a sense of honor. As each teacher entered their own college, there were continuous cheers and applause. At this moment, everyone can feel the harmony between teachers and students of the IB project and the warmth of the IB family.

The opening ceremony of CAS was successfully concluded in the warm and active atmosphere of the students of the IB project. Welcome new freshmen to join the IB family and wish the CAS activities of the IB project in the new academic year all the best!