Early in the morning of 24th September, the gymnasium was bustling with excitement. Students from Canberra Grammar School came to the stage and talked about their experience as exchange students.

After that, we sang the National Anthem in reverence, facing the national flag and the logo of the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China.

Then, we watched a video clip of the 70 years’ development of PRC. From the successful experiment of the hydrogen bomb to the launch of the manned spacecraft, the country’s achievements have greatly benefited and encouraged every Chinese citizen.

Next, four Communist Party member teacher representatives and a student representative recited the poem Motherland, My Dear Motherland.

Finally, all teachers and students chorused Ode to the Motherland. The familiar melody and touching lyrics created a stirring atmosphere, encouraging every teacher and student to sing out our hearty love and best wishes to our motherland.