On19th September we held the second flag-raising ceremony of this semester.

Firstly, we gave a warm welcome to visiting teachers and students from St Catherine’s School, Australia. Then, their student representatives and Mr. Goona talked about their experiences here and expressed their gratefulness for BNDS’s hospitality.

After singing the National Anthem as usual, 10th grader Li Mairui from IB program was invited to talk about her experience of working as an anti-disaster volunteer during the summer. Her job of recording the information of those who donated biogas slurry sounds easy, but the truth is that she often stay up late making the chart and analyzing the data etc. Thanks to volunteers like her, the number of people who suffered from the disaster greatly decreased.

Next, Wang Ruochen, from 11th grade AP program, shared his experience at YYGS (Yale Young Global Scholars Program). There, he met students from diverse cultural backgrounds. “Years later,” as he went, “I might forget all the contents of the lectures and seminars, but the time spent with my friends will always stay fresh in my memory.” After he returned, he started posting his experience on his WeChat official account. Now, the account has become a platform where all kinds of ideas and experiences of students can be shared.

At last, Zhang Boxin from 12th grade AP program told us about his experience in the astrophysics program at the University of Colorado. From the busy work of studying theoretical knowledge and astronomical observation, he gained a lot of academic knowledge. What’s more, he made friends with people who share the same interest not only in science but also in politics as well. The mutual respect for one another’s opinion gave him an unforgettable impression.