From November 26th to Dec 1st , teachers and students from Chung Ling High School, Malaysia spent a fruitful week visiting BNDS and Beijing. BNDS teachers and students, together with 10 volunteer host families make this event an unforgettable experience for all participants.


On the morning of November 27, Ms. Wu Fengqin, Vice Principal of BNDS, Ms. Zhong Jingjing, Director of the International Exchange Center, and other representatives of teachers and students held a warm welcome ceremony for the visiting group in the MUN Room. The ceremony was hosted in both Chinese and English by Shao Xinyi from the BNDS Ambassadors Association and Yang Yuan from Grade 9. Ms.Wu, on behalf of the school, expressed the warmest welcome to the visiting teachers and students. Vice President Lai Duk-sing, who is in charge of the AP program of Chung Ling middle school, expressed his gratitude to the reception of BNDS and expressed his expectation for the exchange activities of the Malay teachers and students in the next five days. Finally, Wu, on behalf of BNDS, exchanged gifts with the Malaysian delegation. After the ceremony, volunteers of the Ambassador Club showed the visiting group around on campus.

The Trip

Chinese teachers from the International Department cooperated with Chinese traditional sports teachers and carefully designed a series of courses on Chinese language and culture: Chinese painting, paper cutting and basketball. Exchanging teachers and students are also invited to attend classes in BNDS. Outside the campus, the Malaysian teachers also visited the Great Wall and the Summer Palace with teachers from the International Department.

The visiting students stay in host families every night and participate in the activities of organized by families to experience Chinese culture. They visited the Palace Museum, Tian ‘Anmen Square, Bird’s Nest, Water Cube, Temple of Heaven and other famous scenic spots in Beijing. They tried Hot Pot, Peking roast duck and other food, played chess and made dumplings with the family members. The visiting students were deeply touched by the hospitality and warm caring from the host family.


Farewell Party

On the evening of November 29, Geng Bing and Liu Lijia from the ambassador club hosted the farewell party, which was kicked off by a wonderful magic performance by Qian Hongrui. Ms. Yan Zhaoxia, Director of College Counselling Center, issued a certification to visiting students. Mr. Lai Dexing, Vice Principal of Chung Ling Middle School, issued a certification to the host families.

Liang Yongqi from Chung Ling Middle School delivered a speech on behalf of the exchange students. He sincerely invited the students of BNDS to visit Chung Ling High School. Speaking on behalf of the students from the host families of BNDS, Qian said the different cultures made him excited and inspired. He also hoped that he could keep in touch with his new international friend. Vice Principal Li Dexing expressed his gratitude to the host families for their warm reception. He also mentioned that he had had a deeper understanding of the philosophy and system of BNDS and hoped to adapt some BNDS ideas to Chung Ling High School.

The Night of Farewell

On the evening of Dec. 1, students and their parents reluctantly bid farewell to their friends from Malaysia. Although they only spent a few days together, they have already established friendship. A lot of students left in tears.

“To cultivate first-class talents with Chinese soul, world vision and multicultural understanding” is one of the goals of BNDS. The international department of BNDS will continue to make progress and create opportunities for teachers and students to get to know different cultures, make friends and broaden their international horizons in its diverse exchange activities.