In the Beijing BASE League Cup U19 women’s volleyball league match, BNDS Women’s volleyball team (Yan Tianyi, Zhu Xingyi, Xie Jingyi, Jiao Xiaoyuan, Tang Yunzhu, Fu Shuyi and Liu Fangxuan) made it to the quarter-final with a win and a loss. We lost the quarter-final to the strong team from HIS International School and ended up the 4th place.

This was the third consecutive year for the BNDS women’s volleyball team to participate in this event. Some of the major players were not able to participate this time due to some reasons, which made the game rather challenging. However, every team member tried her best under the guidance of our coach, Mr. Razvan.

They also reaped the friendship through the game. As Mr. Razvan said, the result is not the most important, but the hope brought by their efforts and perseverance is.

BASE League Cup, see you next year!