On Wednesday 6th November 2019, three BNDS students were invited to the prestigious Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards, held at Beijing New Talent Academy.

Lucia and Ms. Katy
  • Ryan Gao, who currently studies in Grade 11, was awarded Top in the World for Mathematics AS-Level. This award is given to students who have achieved the top score in the subject. Ryan scored 100% in his examinations.
Student: Ryan Gao
  • Lucia Wang, a recent BNDS graduate, was awarded High Achievement in A-Level English Literature. This award denotes that she received the highest examination score in China in a minor subject. Lucia was also invited to give a speech about her A-Level experience. She spoke eloquently about the time and efforts that she dedicated to her study, how she enjoyed the process of perfecting her essays, and her sincere gratitude for the support that she received from the school and her teachers.
Student: Lucia Wang
  • David He accepted his award for Top in Country for A-Level Business in absentia, as he is currently studying at UCLA. He achieved the highest score in this subject among the Chinese participants.
    Mr. Thomas and Ryan

Mr. Thomas Solloway and Ms. Katherine Swingland accompanied the students in support: “We are both incredibly proud of the students’ achievements; the awards reflect not only their dedication to academic study but also their determination to succeed. To see our students representing BNDS amongst others of such high calibre, and being celebrated as achieving the best examination scores in the country and the world, was incredibly inspiring.”