Good News: Congratulations to the students of the International Department for their achievements in the World Scholar’s Cup!

From October 26th to 27th, 2019, Grade 9 students Zhang Shuoning, Wang Zichuan and Dou Wenduo participated in the World Scholar’s Cup Beijing Competition as a team. They won the first prize in group competition and won the second place in the individual awards. The World Scholar’s Cup is a comprehensive academic competition for middle school students. It consists of four parts: Scholar’s Bowl, Collaborative Writing, Scholar’s Challenge and Team Debate. A wide range of various disciplines are covered and participants should have knowledge of social science, art, natural science, history, debate and many other fields. The participants included dozens of teams from many international schools and the competition was fierce.

These activities were a test of teamwork ability and personal academic competence, as well as reaction capacity, being a great opportunity to learn and grow for everyone involved. For example, collaborative writing requires participants to have excellent writing skills and a clear understanding of the chosen topic. Overall, the competition is very intensive and poses great challenges for the participants.

We congratulate our students for their achievements!