Recently, the first Czech culture day in Beijing National Day School took place in the Yuanzhu Lou theater.

The Czech culture day commenced with some melodious music and the beautiful backdrop of the castle in Prague.

Liu Yiyang and Gao Zigen then brought the audience a song from the Prague square. In their singing, the audience seemed to see the sunshine in the ancient and romantic Prague square with its stained glass windows depicting its sacred patron saint.

We also invited Mr. Milan, our teacher from the Czech Republic, to introduce the Czech culture and unique scenery to us. Hu Zixuan, representing the students, presented a Chinese painting by him to Mr. Milan, symbolisng the friendship between China and the Czech Republic that will last forever.

Influenced by Czech culture, the students were deeply impressed. Tang Weiyi, Li Yilin and Qian Linyan recited a group of Czech poems for us, accompanied by Ren Qiuyi’s melodious violin voice. In these beautiful poems, the students felt the superb wisdom of Czech writers and traditional Czech culture.

Under the careful arrangement and preparation of the teachers and students, the Czech culture day culminated in a stage play about Czech culture.

The story of the Mole, starring Li Ruichong, Zhang Yichou, Shanyu, Long Yifei and others, is based on the true story of the Czech illustrator Zdenek Miller about the transmission of three Chinese students to Prague in the the 1950s through a space-time transmitter in the 22nd century. Deniek Miller, who ran into the New Year’s Eve walk, did not fall into the mole pit, which had been inspired by the germination of his creations. The students traveled around the Czech Republic with Mr. Miller, saw the gorgeous Santa Barbara Cathedral, tasted the hot spring water and pancakes in the spa town, and later discovered that they had tampered with history. Three students, with their ingenuity, dug a hole in the back garden of Mr. Miller’s house in the hope that Mr. Miller would fall into the mole pit again.

The ups and downs of the stage drama, the twists and turns of the plot and the actors’ superb acting skills led the play into a fantastic climax.

Finally, the stage play drew to a close as the actors recited a poem in unison.

The end of the first Czech culture day came to an end with a warm applause from the audience.

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Author: Chen Xuefei